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+~! Favourites !~+

$_x Bands x_$

Billy Talent

Blink 182


Panic! at the disco


My chemical Romance

Fall out boy


Itchy Poopzkid


 Bullet for my Valentine



?Xx Filme xX?

Boogie Nightes


Alien vs. Predetor



The day after tomorrow


**.. Songs ..**

~Bass Hunter - Boten Anna ~


~Billy Talent - Fallen leaves~


~P.Diddy - Last night~

~Timbaland ft. Justin Timberlake & Nelly Furtado - Give it to me~
~Pussy Cat Dolls ft. Timbaland - Wait a minute~
~Teriyaki Boxyz - Tokyo Drift~
~Panic! at the disco - I write sins not tragedies~
~Panic! at the disco - But it's better if you do~